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‘On The Pulse’ Article – Local Charity gets a Boost

Posted 6th March 2017 by Stacy

Kids Need Both Parents charity ambassador Jason Bennett shows off [+]

Money misery as Midland’s parents still feel the pinch on finances

Posted 9th February 2016 by Raj Kaur

Almost a third of West Midlands’ parents with children 18 [+]

Did you know?

Posted 11th November 2015 by Raj Kaur

England and Wales 42% of marriages end in divorce (ONS, [+]

Cristiano Ronaldo – “having a father is enough”: KNBP’s Response

Posted 6th November 2015 by Raj Kaur

Following the new documentary, football star Cristiano Ronaldo speaks openly [+]

Acorns to find £9m as budget cuts bite: KNBP’s response

Posted 30th October 2015 by Raj Kaur

It has been announced that Acorns Children’s Hospice chief executive [+]

Tax Credit Cuts: will you be affected?

Posted 27th October 2015 by Raj Kaur

BBC has reported: Chancellor George Osborne has said he will [+]

The murder of 18-month-old Shi-Anne Downer

Posted 10th September 2015 by Raj Kaur

Kandyce Downer to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court charged with [+]

Levi Blu-Cassin legal battle

Posted 9th September 2015 by Raj Kaur

The cruel mum of tragic toddler Levi Blu-Cassin waged an [+]