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Support for Adults


This package is an eight week intervention supporting primary carers that are going or have gone through separation. The service would take place in house or at a chosen venue agreed by both parties.

Mediation begins with each party having the opportunity to discuss both their current situation and their wishes for the future. This is done on a one-to-one basis with a trained member of staff prior to mediation sessions. Once we have clarified both parties wishes, a date will be set for the intial mediation session to take place.

Our Mediation sessions allow both parties to come together to begin to resolve their initial issues. Once the discussed issues are resolved and both parties agree on a plan of action a working agreement will be drawn up for both parties to sign and adhere to.

KNBP then offer telephone support to substantiate the agreed plan is working for all family members.

It is much quicker, less confrontational and usually cheaper than heading straight to court. It enables you to shape long-term solutions that are in your family?s best interests. We offer a safe, neutral environment where open discussion is encouraged.

KNBP have witnessed that if separated parents communicate effectively and positively, then it will have a far more beneficial outcome for the child.

Agreements made are not legally binding, however we can signpost clients to reputable family law firms.

KNBP recognise that mediation can be benificial in other situations such as: child & parent/ carer support. Mediation can be tailored to meet the needs of the family members involved.

Family/Emotional Support

This package is open ended to provide the parent/family with an opportunity to work through long term issues. Family support is providing the family/parent with emotional support, which will enable them to tackle and identify deep rooted and historical issues. Quite often these issues are presented in practical terms. For example, lack of motivation may result to lack of structure and routine, this could impact on general day to day living such as children?s attendance at school, poor diet, the ability to parent effectively and relationships within the family dynamics.

The work can take place either in a family home, school or children?s centre. A full assessment is completed during the initial home visit to identify the family?s needs, and provide a tailored service.