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24 free events to enjoy this summer in Birmingham

Posted 12th July 2017 by sharon

Here’s how you can get out and about this summer [+]

Kids Need Both Parents Family Fun Day Photos

Posted 9th June 2017 by sharon

  A great day was had by everyone involved in [+]

Kids Need Both Parents Family Fun Day

Posted 7th June 2017 by sharon

On Saturday 13th May 2017, KNBP held a Family Fun [+]

40 Boredom-Busting Activities to Do With the Kids

Posted 24th May 2017 by sharon

Good Housekeeping have devised 40 different activities that you can [+]

KNBP Soccer 7 winner!

Posted 8th February 2016 by Raj Kaur

Kids Need Both Parents produce a football sheet on a [+]

24 Children from Around the World Posing with Childrens Toys

Posted 10th March 2015 by Dev

These pictures are heartwarming, yet powerful. Tangawizi – Keekorok, Kenya [+]

If They Made Activity Books for Adults

Posted 24th February 2015 by Dev


100 Things to Do During a Money Free Weekend

Posted 17th February 2015 by Dev

        Check out the community calendar ? [+]

The 15 Weirdest Family Photos of All Time

Posted 20th January 2015 by Dev

Help. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. [+]

24 Family Photos That Show the Honest Side of Being a Family

Posted 6th January 2015 by Dev

Forget the perfectly arranged photos where everyone?s smiling? this is [+]