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Reading v Blues

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

On Sunday 5th May 2019, Birmingham City were playing the last game if the 2018/19 season away to Reading. Kids Need Both Parents invited some of the families that we have worked with throughout the last year, and with the help of a donation from LoveBrum, we were able to pay for the coach for these families. Kids Need Both Parents also paid for the tickets for the families as we realized that a lot of separated parents could not afford to go to an away match and for some of the families, this was their first experience and it was great for us to share this with them.

Jay was one of the children that we had invited on the trip and whilst he was waiting for the coach to take him to Reading he posted a picture of himself with the poster that he had made asking Connor Mahoney to stay at the Blues. This was put on Twitter and Connor Mahoney responded to it!

Connor Mahoney replied “My mate if he’s at the game today let’s make it special for him, maybe we can swap I can take that home and he can have my shirt and boots”.

True to his word, Connor Mahoney found Jay and gave him his shirt and boots.

Jay was one very happy young man that day!

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