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Our day on Big Centre TV

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Big centre TVBig Centre TV interview

We were invited to the Midlands Big Centre TV studio and was interviewed by Bob Hall about Kids Need Both Parents. It was a great morning and we loved every second of it. Sam Kiernan our Kids Need Both Parents senior practitioner talked about her own experiences as a young child and the loss of a close relative. Sam then went on to explain why the charity was set up and what we do for our community. This gave us an opportunity on a bigger scale, to introduce how we as a charity, support separated families. Bob Hall was very welcoming and was enthusiastic about our charity and what we stood for. This was our first live interview and although Sam was nervous, she did a great job answering Bob’s questions.

I arrived with Sam to the interview and supported her in her first TV appearance. I had the chance to take some pictures whilst the interview was taking place:

Big Centre

Big Centre


We also had a picture with the TV presenter Bob Hall:

Bob Hall

This was a great opportunity to let the community know that we are available if they have gone or are going through separation. The importance of appearing on TV is crucial for a small charity like ourselves as we want to support those who need it. We appreciate Big Centre TV for having us and we hope to see them again soon!

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