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KNBP’s response to: Andrew Mitchell MP

Friday, October 16th, 2015

As a newly established charity, we are always actively seeking support from anyone who can help the great work we offer to the community. In particular, we have approached various MP?s, including Andrew Mitchell who invited KNBP to his office. However, upon meeting Mr Mitchell, he presented himself as slightly distracted, uninterested and preoccupied. We mentioned our great efforts in promoting a better community by offering support to separated families. Again, Mr Mitchell was uninterested, yet he has a professional obligation to promote good positive relationships along with enhancing and building better futures for his local community. However, these qualities were not presented during the meeting.

When Mr Mitchell did ask questions, we felt on some occasions he did not allow KNBP to elaborate on the charity itself, as though our time was unworthy. The meeting ended within five minutes, the meeting left the KNBP team feeling deflated, disheartened and discouraged.

Our role is about being non-judgmental, supportive, sympathetic and empathetic. Our approach and ethos is to continuously operate the same, regardless of stature. We felt that Mr Mitchell did not incorporate any of these qualities. We believe our charity is a worthy cause that offers the community of Birmingham a free service to those who need it the most. In this case, Mr Mitchell did not display any attempt to understand the need and support for this in particular.

KNBP will continue to approach MP?s who can see the true potential of what our charity has to offer. Local support is much needed, our aim is to be widely known to encourage families to refer themselves to our charity for both support and guidance.

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