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Kids Need Both Parents Testimonial ? Stephen Latham – 4/9/14

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Hi my name is Stephen Latham and I have been split up from my ex partner for six years now. After splitting up things went down hill slowly and things started to get bad between my ex partners new boyfriend and my younger two children. Social services have been involved for around five years on and off but never really done much to help me at all even though different people had reported my ex to them on different occasions. In the end I had to keep children and get police involved because children broke down.

I reported to social services yet again just to be told that they have no place because the children was no longer with there mother so there is no safeguarding issues.

I never had money for solicitors ect and had nowhere to turn. I found Sam through
KNBP and may I say if it wasn’t for her family support and work with Stephen and Connie then I wouldn’t be where I am today. She is a very calm supporting person who the children took to straight away. She offered them calming support and reassurance that things was going to be ok. She supported me with what road I had to go down to secure the safety of the children. She also offered to be middle person in relationship between myself and my ex partner to keep stress to a minimal for children. She can be straight talking and to the point when need be to put the point down that it is about the children. I would recommend Sam to anybody

Stephen Lathamh

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