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Kids Need Both Parents Testimonial – Kingsland JI School – 9/2/15

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

KNBP and specifically Sam Kiernan have been working with a school family since September.

We have worked closely with Sam in supporting the family and more specifically the behaviour of the children. It has been useful to have a worker supporting the family and making links between home and school when a situation is complicated and at times the children?s needs can be overlooked in a complex web of family relationships.

As the school and Sam have been working together we can provide an appropriate venue for support for the child and the family.

The result has been an opportunity for one of the children to discuss his behaviour within an informal and play centred approach.

This has proved valuable as it has given a common approach and drive to improve the situation of the family and particularly the children. All people involved including parent, school, family workers and Social Services are communicating well and striving to improve a situation with positive outcomes for the whole family.

KNBP has supported that bridge between agencies and the family.

I have found this cooperative approach very valuable as all participants are kept clearly informed.

I would recommend their work to others

Mrs Judith Dovey
Assistant head
Kingsland JI School

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