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Kids Company forthcoming closure: KNBP’s response

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

As a fledgling charity struggling to secure funding, KNBP have decided to comment on the Kids Company forthcoming closure.
The charity founder Camila Batmanghelidjh
The charity founder: Camila Batmanghelidjh
We believe that all charitable causes, small and large, should be entitled to funding. However, in the wake of Kids Company?s forthcoming closure, we feel that changes need to be made to how organisations can apply for funding and more importantly additional measures should be introduced to ensure these funds are not abused.
It has been stated that senior figures at Kids Company had been warned about the ‘management chaos’ almost a decade ago. However, this was ignored and more funding was offered. They received £30 million in taxpayer funding and millions more in private donations. Furthermore, the government granted Kids Company a £3 million lifeline last week, despite clear indications of the charity not being run justly. Is this fair? We are not disputing their cause, however as a small charity finding it particularly hard to gain any funding, it is disheartening to see. Again, Kids Company’s intentions are fully commendable, but they have abused their funding and with allegations of sexual abuse hanging over the organisation, additional funds should not have been allocated without serious redress.
Unfortunately we do not know the whole story, nor do we know to what extent their funds were mismanaged and therefore cannot comment on their operation. However we are questioning why they were given repeat funding, despite the claims that were circulating at the time. Sadly, we are left with the feeling that small charities are ignored, and that too much of the government funding is saved for the larger charities who already have alternative funding streams such as sponsorships and high profile private donors.


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