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Kenzie Facebook sperm donor: KNBP’s response

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Previously, as a charity we commented and questioned Kenzie’s actions as a Facebook sperm donor and the affects that it may have on his children. Kids Need Both Parents commented on the emotional impact on the children. Kenzie stated, meeting his son Tylan was fantastic but had no attachment, Kenzie may have no attachment however, if Kenzie’s door ‘will always be open to the children he has helped bring into the world’, the child may form attachment with his father. Whilst stating this, Kenzie signed an agreement with each couple stating they are not able to ask him for any financial support yet ‘his doors will always be open’ for his children. It seems as though Kenzie is contradicting himself and may be emotionally attached.

Help: Miss Allen and Miss Berry chose Mr Kilpatrick as their sperm donor because he was 'sensible, caring and responsible'. He was not paid for the sperm, asking only for travel and accommodation expenses

Kenzie said he does not think a man is a necessary ingredient in a happy family. This is an uneducated statement, does Kenzie’s own upbringing make it right to not grow up with a father?

If Kenzie was aware of the emotional impact a father could have on a child, he may think twice about donating his sperm on Facebook.

Most importantly, this is not fair on the child as the confusion of having two mother’s and a ‘special man’ in Tylan’s life can have a detrimental affect on him. We do not discriminate against lesbian’s being mother’s however, we are only considering the impact this may have on Tylan in the future.

Source: Daily Mail

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