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Interview Shed Week 3

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

This week ‘Kids Need Both Parents’ invited 2 very special guests who are a big part of ‘AccessiBlues’ the disabled supporters group.  Brenda and Jeremy are two very lovely people who will help anyone out. They came and helped out during the ‘Family Fun Day on May 26th at St Andrews. Jeremy went around collecting money and Brenda helped out with the Animal Man. They have also helped Paul Devlin raise money for a charity football match in aid of his daughter Annie who has Addison’s Disease.

Brenda was over the moon when she got to meet two of her favourite ex-players, Ian Clarkson and John Frain who took time out to come and meet her.

Family Fun Day 27   Brenda and Jeremy 1 Brenda and Jeremy 2

Brenda and Jeremy had a great time and and even won a chance to have a go at ‘Play Your Cards Right’. They didn’t win, but had great fun taking part, especially Brenda who was cheeky enough to swap the cards around when they didn’t go her way! Brenda had a 5 and said higher, but a 4 came out next, so she swapped them. Dave the compare let her play on as everyone was in stitches and nobody had ever done that before! Unfortunately though, the next card was also a 5 and you don’t get anything for a pair!

Brenda and Jeremy 3  Brenda and Jeremy 4

Brenda and Jeremy were delighted to meet Gary Gardner who was the ‘Man of the Match’. They had met him earlier on in the car park and were delighted to meet him again in the Jasper Carrot Suite after the match. They enjoyed the match with Blues winning 2-1 against Reading with goals coming from Gary Gardner and Lucas Jutkiewicz.

Brenda and Jeremy 5

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