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“Innocent until proven guilty”

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Father wins custody battle after being falsely accused of sexually abusing his daughter.

When thinking about winning custody over children, the Mother always springs to mind. Why is this? Within society today, many people still traditionally think that children should always be with their Mother. However, reading this article about how a Father wins custody of his daughter after his ex-partner falsely accuses him of sexually abusing their child – may change your views!

Within this horrific story, it is clear to see that the Mother does not know the meaning of  Kids Need Both Parents. It seems as though the Mother put her feelings and life in front of her own child’s, by lying to the extent of trying to cut off all contact with her child’s Father and ultimately send him to prison. The nine-year old child is now living with her father. However, the Mother decided to repeat these allegations as the Telegraph reported:

“But she said the woman had gone on to repeat the allegations, and at one stage a vicar got up a petition calling for the girl to be returned to her mother.”

The Judge stated the Mother was delusional as there is no evidence to suggest why she was making these allegations. This is not fair on the Father and his livelihood and especially not fair on the child involved.

With such allegations, I ask myself why after finding the Father not-guilty is the Mother not prosecuted for creating life-changing lies? Does the court treat both Sex’s fairly when it comes to child custody? The Judge even went on to state the feelings of the father as he said:

“that while the injustice of the allegations still rankles with him, he has come a long way, and, ‘it’s joyous to have (my daughter) with me’.”

I think all Father’s who truly love and take care of their children should never give up on their children within courts. This father clearly didn’t and came out with positive results for him and his daughter.


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