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Facebook sperm donor: KNBP’s response

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Kids Need Both Parents have responded to the headline story in the Birmingham Mail. Kenzie Kilpatrick from Birmingham aged 26, created a Facebook page regarding his services to become a sperm donor for mothers who cannot conceive. Read the article here.


KNBP’s response:

“As a charity we very much believe ? kids do need both parents. Although this can be seen as a good gesture, we would question a few factors. Has Kenzie or the mothers/couples considered his past family medical history? Even though Kenzie has certificates of sexually transmitted diseases, there can be other serious medical histories to be considered.

In this case, the sperm donor does have legal rights to all children conceived. Therefore, circumstances may change and Kenzie may want to contact his daughter/son in the future. This kind of disruption within a child’s life can affect their future. This may involve future relationships, education, circle of friends or simply their identity. From a nature and nurture perspective, you can nurture a child as much as possible however, nature is almost likely to override this and the child may have certain traits from Kenzie. Therefore, if the child has not been told how he/she was conceived, his/her sense of identity may be diminished depending on the age of the child.

Regardless of whether the child knows how they were conceived, if Kenzie decided to walk into the child’s life, how will this make the child feel? The consequences and repercussions are very serious, and the child’s health and well-being always needs to be put first.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the light-heartedness of advertising his ‘service’ on Facebook. Is this going to decrease the seriousness of providing sperm for mothers who cannot conceive? Kenzie has created this page without any thought and consideration of long term effects. This page could also be easily duplicated. Is this the best way to move forward? Are we taking too much control over nature?”

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