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Cristiano Ronaldo – “having a father is enough”: KNBP’s Response

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Following the new documentary, football star Cristiano Ronaldo speaks openly about his son Cristiano Jr.  Read the article here.

The Real Madrid player spoke out about being a single father, he says his son ?doesn’t need a mother, just me ? having a father is enough.? However, you can argue this was a bald statement to make, especially with millions of young fans who idolise him. Although Ronaldo was given exclusive guardianship which was agreed with the anonymous mother, it is crucial to understand that having both parents is beneficial for the child and their physical and emotional development. Regardless of whether the mother wanted to be in the child’s life or not, it is worrying to hear that Ronaldo has not considered the importance of a mother figure in his son’s life. It seems as though Ronaldo has a strong bond with his own mother, does he not feel that this benefited him as a child? Both a mother and father are equally important but offer different needs and bring something different to a child’s life. In every case, it is about putting the child first ? it seems as though to some extent both Ronaldo and the mother are being somewhat selfish. It may not affect his son now but it may have an impact on his later life. Ronaldo’s statement was both naïve, reckless and to some degree uneducated.

Granted, Cristiano Ronaldo has taken full responsibility of his son and has a great amount of support and input from his mother, Dolores. His mother stated ?I am not bothered who the mother is. I just want to give my grandson love and educate him as Ronaldo asked me to.? However, again, this should make him realise the importance of having both a mother and father and how this may affect his son.

Kids Need Both Parents believe both parents build a child’s resilience and stability for future relationships. It is important that he is careful with his choice of words and opinions.


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