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Monday, January 4th, 2016

Kids Need Both Parents sponsored the Blues v MK Dons match on Saturday 28th December 2015. Unforunately, the primary school family could not attend as the winner Lee was poorly. However, KNBP were determined to give a family a great Christmas. We invited a family to join us in the Jasper Carrott Suite, where they enjoyed a three course meal and bevarages. The family appreciated the kind gesture, the father of three girls told KNBP he previously separated from his partner and initially there was conflict. However, both Stuart and his partner gradually communicated effectively and they now have a better relationship in order to bring up their children together. The family also received a signed programme from the man of the match (see below). It was a great day for both KNBP and the family!

Blues - family 3 Blues - family 2 Blues -family IMG_0695

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