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Birmingham Mail (7/1/2015)

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Birmingham Mail Wednesday 7th January 2015

I recently read an article regarding the statue placed outside Birmingham library. Fathers for Justice are stating that one in four children do not have a father in their lives and that families are not supported by the family court due to the attitude towards fathers.

I work for a local charity called Kids Need Both Parents, based in coleshill. We offer mediation and emotional support to separated families.

As a charity we promote shared parenting and focus on the emotional impact this has on the child as too often they become the hidden victims. Our aim is to involve both parties in mediation giving them a safe environment to express and address their concerns.

Unfortunately, as a charity we have witnessed first-hand the difficulties fathers face when going through family breakdown and the devastation it leaves once the court proceedings are over.

We hope that through mediation the family can avoid the court arena and come to an agreement regarding their children. We also offer emotional support and advise both parties about the impact their conflict has on their children.

While i appreciate the frustrations of Fathers for Justice, KNBP try to promote a more realistic approach that can be achieved and managed effectively.

Sam Kiernan
Senior Practitioner

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