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11 Ways Your Family Puts The ?Fun? In “Dysfunctional”

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

KNBP know your family might be a little different, but you wouldn?t have it any other way.

1. Its not a family get-together without things getting messy


“Josh… you need to sort your life out!”

2. You’re pretty much convinced that your other family members are only occasionally sane


But oh well, in your book crazy is just another word for charming.

3. You can’t cope with all the changes to the status quo



4. Some of you have zer0 filter when it comes to expressing feelings


5. You and your family may not get along at all times, but, if anyone else tries to threaten or upset your family, you will be in their face.


Stop talking. Or else.

6. Sometimes you wonder if your family is a little bit too close…


Noo.. your fine. Probably.

7. You know you’re lucky to have each other because you’re pretty sure no one else could really understand you


8. You’re very passionate, about lots of things. All at once.


9. Conversations tend to escalate very quickly at the dinner table


10. You know every insult is just your family’s weird way of saying ‘I love you’


At least most the time…

11. Your family may not be conventionally perfect, but you know all your eccentricities and colour have only made you love each other more



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