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10 tips for a happy relationship

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

If you and your partner are having relationship issues, you could try these 10 easy tips. These tips may rekindle both positivity and happiness in your relationship:

1. Talk constructively

How you say things is as important as what you?re saying. If you and your partner are having a disagreement, don?t just attack them or go all-out criticising. Why not try using ?I? statements? By saying ?I feel? rather than ?You always?? you?re taking responsibility for your emotions and your partner won?t feel like they?re being blamed for everything.

2. Listen to each other

Listening is such an important tool in relationships. Sometimes, we find it hard to hear what our partner is saying because we?re so wrapped up in our own emotions. Remember that communication works two ways. Listening to your partner is the only way to know what?s really going on with them.

3. Don?t bottle things up

If something has upset you, you?re not doing yourself or your partner any favours by keeping it to yourself. This is only likely to cause resentment to build up that will come out in other ways. If it?s something that really matters to you, talk about it.

4. Keep things fresh

It?s a cliché, but making the effort to keep things fun and interesting in your relationship can really make a big difference. It?s easy to get complacent about having someone in your life, but this kind of attitude can also lead to boredom and dissatisfaction. Let your partner know you appreciate having them around by surprising them occasionally.

5. Let go of the little stuff

Although it?s good to talk when you?ve got something on your mind, your relationship is going to be like a battleground if you can?t ever let things slide. If it?s something that, all things considered, doesn?t actually matter that much, why not just forget about it? Nobody?s perfect ? and you probably do stuff that your partner finds annoying too!

6. Appreciate what you have

Many people end up looking outside their relationship because they think there?s someone out there who is ?better? for them. Relationships aren?t about finding the ?perfect partner? ? whatever that means. They?re about allowing the connection you do have to develop and grow. The strongest relationships are usually the ones that have been given the time to flourish.

7. Give each other space

Although it?s great spending quality time together, don?t forget you both need to nurture your interests and friendships. Couples who spend every moment in each other?s pockets can easily begin to feel unfulfilled when they realise that their personal interests have started to slip. Allow each other to spend time on the things you enjoy separately. When you reconvene as a couple you?ll be pleased to see each other and have lots to talk about. Try our four steps for setting healthy boundaries in your relationship.

8. Don?t put too much pressure on yourself

It?s easy to worry about whether your relationship is as good as it ?should? be. Just as we can get wrapped up in having the best clothes or latest gadgets, we can worry about having relationships that are as exciting and passionate as the ones we see depicted in movies or hear about in songs. Relationships aren?t about constantly feeling butterflies ? we all have our own unique ways of experiencing them and you?ll know what?s right for you. Enjoy yours for what it is ? and be grateful that it?s there!

9. Avoid jealousy and build trust

Jealousy can destroy relationships, and nothing is less attractive than the green eyed monster. If you?re worried your partner isn?t giving you enough attention, try the open, honest approach rather than acting out or accusing them of looking elsewhere. Building mutual trust is the key to banishing unhealthy emotions and remaining strong together.

10. Work on it

It?s not always the most popular way of thinking about them, but relationships can be work. They need to be nurtured and given the space and attention they deserve. Communication isn?t something to do only occasionally ? it should be a constant. It?s only by not taking your relationship for granted that your connection will stay strong. But the rewards, as anyone in a happy relationship knows, are more than worth the effort.

 Source: Relate


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