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Kids Need Both Parents (KNBP) are a small charity based in Birmingham originally founded in December 2013.

KNBP offer support to all members of a family that have gone through, or may be going through separation/loss – we hope this support not only reaches out to children and parents, but also to grandparents and other family members – as well the ‘blended family’, which is now becoming the more common term used for step families.

The strain on a family going through separation can have long lasting effects on all individuals involved and, after losing contact with his own children for several years, the founder of KNBP visited the website ‘Families need Fathers’ and became friends with another Father visiting the website. After some time talking, the two met and found they were able to convey their feelings through lyrics and music and wrote ‘Don’t Forget’, which is featured on the KNBP music page. They both then felt it was paramount, that by using their own experiences and emotions, themselves and a like-minded team of individuals, could together help make positive changes in aiding families the tools, to strengthen the foundations of their future relationships and KNBP was then formed.

At KNBP we focus on ‘giving children a voice’ and feel that by educating the child/children involved, they will then go on to make better choices with their own adult relationships in the future. This in turn should then break the cycle of the unnecessary symptoms of an adult separation such as; parent alienation, abandonment issues, poor communication and a general sense of not belonging within a family unit or not having the opportunity to be heard. KNBP aim to do this through information and advice throughout the KNBP website as well as providing memorable experiences for children and families, after all ‘it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults’.