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    Raj Kaur

    Julie Maxwell and her partner separated however, the court forbade them to tell their child that she was the subject of an order that would decide how much time she would spend with each parent. Miss Maxwell’s daughter was at the age of six when she overheard her mother on the phone talking about barristers. Complying with the law, Miss Maxwell could not freely tell her daughter what was happening whether she understood or not. Financially, she could not always afford solicitors and barristers therefore, filing paperwork and working late nights was tiresome for a single parent. Essentially, several of these hearings took over this family’s life and all attention was diverted away from parenting.

    This is a prime example of how KNBP can support separated families. We want to encourage shared parenting whilst making sure the child remains the centre of the subject. A child’s voice can often be drowned out by either the court or their parents wishes.

    Isn’t the child the most important person in this all?

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